What is ‘FEF’?

FEF stands for the FSN Execution Framework. It is a 5-step collaboration framework that translates strategy into smart processes and actions throughout a business. It is intuitive, scaleable and highly effective at boosting capability and performance.

What is different about this framework?

FEF is proven and works across many sectors. It is a team framework where ownership and responsibility is on the team to deliver. This often results in better buy-in, alignment & accountability when it comes to implementing strategy. It is based on lean (continuous improvement) principles and is ‘common sense rigorously applied’ in a structured and detailed way. It also allows for a consistent methodology to be used across all FSN Funds portfolio companies.

How is it applied within Portfolio Companies?

Each portfolio company has an extensive FEF on-boarding where senior management are given the tools, support and coaching to help transform the business. The framework becomes a collaborative way of working within the company and is ‘owned’ by the teams implementing it.

“We have had strategies before, but it’s alive now. And we have a common language to talk about our strategy in the board and with the troika.”

Anders Marcus,
CEO, Obton

“It’s not about 1 or 2 people deciding strategy – it really is a team approach. And this creates camaraderie and people feel part of something.”

Bob Donker,
General Manager, Active Brands North America

5-step framework

  1. Strategy developed through market mapping & ‘voice of the customer’.
  2. Four strategic initiatives prioritized to transform business & Breakthrough Objectives (BTO’s) established.
  3. Processes identified and changed to reach each BTO.
  4. Capabilities built including KPI’s for each process improvement.
  5. KPI’s reviewed monthly & gaps addressed by identifying root causes & taking counter-measures.

Jesper Isaksen: What is FEF?

The FEF team

Awais Shafique

Awais Shafique

FEF Director

Johanna Wackerbeck

Johanna Wackerbeck

Senior FEF Director

Espen Asheim

Espen Asheim

Head of FEF

Pål Dale

Pål Dale

Senior Director

Frida Jónsdóttir

Frida Jónsdóttir

Jr. FEF Director

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