Growth mindset


Team first

Growth mindset

The belief that you can always improve, the courage to set bold, visionary goals, and the desire and grit to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of winning.

We gaze for the stars We set bold goals and aim for no less than winning. We drive transformation, we are entrepreneurial and prepared to take risk… … even when going outside the comfort zone or when experiencing fear of failure
We thrive on Positive Dissatisfaction We constantly challenge the status quo; to develop the firm, our portfolio companies and ourselves… … even when it implies a lot of hard work and changing the way of working feels uncomfortable
We face the brutal facts We are humble, realistic and fact-based. If the data shows that we are not on track, we analyze, learn and correct course… … even if it is painful to confront underperformance in oneself or others
We insist on excellence, and nothing less We have the drive, perseverance and focus to deliver unusually good outcomes, we keep our word and adhere to deadlines… … even when knowing one could get away with less

Performance will improve continuously, and over time dramatically, by effort and deliberate practice. We see failure as an opportunity to learn, not a sign of lack of talent. Our Growth Mindset drives excellence and fuels our journey towards becoming one of the most trusted and admired asset managers globally. The Growth Mindset journey never ends. 


The quality of knowing and having the personal strength to do what is morally right, even when no one is watching or there appears not to be a benefit in the short term.

We are decent people This means we always follow our moral compass, we do not enter grey zones, and we are considerate of the interests of others… … even when it is easier not to be transparent or cut corners, especially when nobody would notice
We act with courage This means that we have the personal strength to speak up and take a stand when necessary… … even when in fear of; being ridiculed, excluded or damaging an important relationship
We are purpose-driven We want to make a positive impact on the world by promoting sustainability and inspiring others to act responsibly… … even when it is not expected of us and when there is no clear financial gain from doing so
We focus on the long-term This means that we think beyond our holding period and are forward-looking in our decision-making… … even when it may have a negative impact in the short term

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of who we are. Our highest aspiration is to live a life of integrity and purpose. We believe in building sustainable and resilient business to the benefit of our Ultimate Clients. We care for our strong reputation and aim to safeguard the longevity of our firm. 

Team first

Putting the team ahead of ourselves to maximize performance and win together.

We build trust This means we choose to trust first and verify later. We do not gossip or blame. We build trust through humility, empathy and transparency… … even if it means we feel vulnerable and uncomfortable at times
We dare to challenge This means that we openly give & receive feedback & understand that relationships need healthy friction and conflict to thrive & improve… … even when being fearful of showing vulnerability or confronting others
We promote diversity of thought This means we listen to truly understand different opinions and make others feel safe in promoting contrarian perspectives… … even when we know full well that it requires extra effort and can be time-consuming
We win together This means we drive results together, we back team decisions 100%, and make other people shine… … even when tempted to let ego get in the way

The team is stronger than the sum of the individuals. In our highly competitive industry, we can win only as a team. Great teamwork is built on a foundation of trust and respect, which must be carefully nurtured. We believe in meritocracy and embrace talented individuals who show respect for our team culture and ethos. Winning as a team is a lot more fulfilling and fun!

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