Concept and strategy

Concept and strategy

Established in 1999, FSN Capital is a leading private equity investor in the Northern
European region with €2125 million under management.

We focus on making control investments in companies operating in the Northern European region with enterprise values between €50 million and €300 million. 

We offer our portfolio companies a clear value proposition: the potential to transform Northern European companies into more competitive, international and profitable entities during our period of ownership.    

We seek to create this transformation in a responsible manner through our interaction with each of our portfolio companies, specifically our engagement with their employees, suppliers, the local communities in which they operate, and the environment as a whole. 

FSN Capital is supported by a broad range of leading Nordic and international institutions who share our long-term perspective. Our investors provide us with sustainable and patient capital that allows us time to implement our transformation initiatives and create sustainable, long-term change within our portfolio companies.