Jesper Isaksen

Executive Advisor

Jesper Isaksen

Mr. Isaksen currently serves as Head of Talent for the FSN Capital Funds. He holds a wealth of experience in HR and talent management within the framework of the Danaher Business System/ FEF. He also has deep knowledge of the FEF framework and tools. Prior to joining the FSNC Funds, Mr. Isaksen held the position as Acting VP HR, Leica Microsystems, Danaher. He has also been the Chief Human Resource Officer at TDC.
From 2006 to 2012, Mr. Isaksen was VP HR at Radiometer, Danaher. He was a key player in transforming Radiometer from a company culture with roots in being family owned to being part of a very dynamic and demanding Global corporation – Danaher – who bought Radiometer in 2004. He led the global HR team recruiting 200+ a year, lead training & development, internal communication, EH&S and Works Council.

Mr. Isaksen was previously a member of the Board and the Chairman of Work Council at Radiometer Medical ApS.


Ph.D.- Industrial Psychology from the University of Copenhagen / NIOH, Psychotherapist education from JGI and MSc. in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen.