Bo Rygaard

Executive Advisor

Bo Rygaard

Mr. Rygaard has 25 years of experience from various international industry positions. His career started in the media industry where Mr. Rygaard ended up being part of top management within Nordic Film Group which is part of the Egmont Media Group. Hereafter Mr. Rygaard entered the FMCG industry where Mr. Rygaard amongst others was member of the top management team in the finish group FAZER. In 2004 Mr Rygaard joined the Rockwool Group, where he held a senior vice president position.
In 2012 Mr. Rygaard became CEO of Dreyers Foundation which is among the largest Danish foundations dealing with real-estate business as well as philanthropic investments.


Current Board Positions

Chairman of Skamol and EET Europarts. Board member of Netcompany