Value creation

Value creation

We seek to support growth-orientated, Northern European companies to achieve long-term transformation to become more competitive and profitable. This process of change will often involve realising a company’s international potential, be it through organic growth, globalisation initiatives or buy-and-build strategies.

Our Northern European investment team takes a highly active approach to our ownership, and seeks to work closely with our management teams to identify the key value-drivers within each portfolio company.

Through undertaking a series of change initiatives, we strive to enhance the quality of the companies we own, and promote long-term sustainability in our businesses.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Aligning the organisation to focus on a common set of performance objectives
  • Refocusing business units to core strategies
  • Investment in R&D, Sales and Marketing and IT to drive growth on the top-line
  • Operational enhancement to improve margins
  • Balance sheet focus promoting efficient use of capital
  • Partnering with management to build critical mass through selective add-on acquisitions
  • Identify and evaluate add-on acquisitions accretive to the growth and internationalisation strategy