Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

FSN Capital believes strongly in the principles of integrity and responsible ownership. We are decent people seeking to make a decent return in a decent way.

We take our obligations to all stakeholders in our portfolio companies seriously, and we believe that through operating in responsible and transparent manner we are able to build stronger, more profitable entities. Our long-term perspective is core to our investment approach. Through partnership and transformation, we seek to create fundamentally better businesses that are competitive both locally and internationally. We have developed an internal Policy for Responsible Investment that guides the investment activity of our funds and is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (the 'UNPRI').

At FSN Capital, we have developed a strong set of Internal Ethical Guidelines that steer our investment processes. We strive to adhere to the UN Global Compact, the UN Convention Against Corruption and the OECD Guidelines for Corporate Governance for Multinational Enterprises.

Our ESG Report

This report marks another milestone in our Responsible Investment (RI) journey. As a firm we see ourselves as a learning organization with continuous improvement processes in everything we do including our RI approach. In this report we identify the major areas of improvement and emphasize our commitment to these RI development objectives.

The objective of this report is to respond to our key stakeholders’ information need by making our ESG values and corresponding conduct more explicit. Further, we hope to illustrate the DNA that characterizes our culture which is the foundation of our RI approach.

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